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“Success is a vehicle which moves on a wheel called “HARD WORK”
But the journey is impossible without the fuel called “SELF CONFIDENCE”.

Firm Hospitals was conceptualized as one among the best IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) clinics in Chennai with the purpose of providing excellent, affordable, international quality health care for women. It is the only IVF Hospital in Chennai where both Laparoscopic Surgery and Fertility treatment are done by the same doctor – Dr.Mala Raj. Rated as the best place for IVF treatments in Chennai, Firm Hospitals stands for building healthy families.
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Our Specialities


Firm Fertility Center

Providing IVF treatment in Chennai, at Firm Hospitals Fertility center, we have created a private, comforting & compassionate treatment facility, where patients receive individualized care and can feel at ease. The inability to conceive is a difficult time for any couple.


Firm Laparoscopy Center

Being one of the IVF hospitals in Chennai, Firm Hospitals Laparoscopic centre is committed to providing excellent and compassionate health care ranging from simple to advanced laparoscopic surgeries. It is well equipped with state of the art technology…


Firm Maternity Care Center

Firm Hospitals Labour room is furnished with world class multi-position birthing bed, and all latest gadgets for a safe and comfortable delivery. For those who don’t want to experience any pain, epidural analgesia is offered. Apart from all the…



Urogynecology stands as a surgical sub-specialty of urology and gynecology. An Urogynecologist deals with the clinical problems associated with dysfunction of the pelvic floor and bladder.


Cosmetic Gynecology

Intimate Aesthetic Surgeries called as Cosmetic Gynecology usually consists of a group of life-changing procedures that are cosmetic in nature. They are performed to improve the appearance and the functional activities.

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Meet Our Founders

Mr. C Kasturi Raj,

Firm Foundations and Housing Pvt., Ltd.

Being the proud Chairman of Firm Foundations and Housing Private Limited and Firm Hospitals, we have built an unswerving reputation for providing quality service, thus justifying our vision for starting Firm Hospitals, Chennai’s most revered holistic women care centre. Ably managed by my wife Dr. Mala Raj, an esteemed Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Firm Hospitals has the best facilities offering world-class treatment.

Dr. Mala Raj,

Managing Director
Firm Hospitals

Dr. Mala Raj is a renowned Obstetrician & Gynecologist, A Specialist in Laparoscopic Surgery and infertility, graduated from Kilpauk Medical College in the year 1992 and acquired post graduate diploma from Sri Ramachandra Medical College in the year 1997. Dr. Mala Raj developed a keen interest in Endoscopic surgery and did her Diploma in Endoscopic Surgery from the University of Kiel (Germany).

Success Stories


    We are very much glad to see Dr.Mala Raj As per my experience and got two abortion after my marriage but after came to Firm Hospital Dr.Mala Raj has given a nice counseling and a treatment. So I got convience with a normal treatment.
    Dr.Mala Raj a gem of a person very kind heart treats a patients is a good manner. Her treatments makes a happiness in her life and due to her treatment we both blessed a princes in the Firm Hospitals. As and now we have to say about the firm hospitals. Really it is not a hospital and it is our second home they maintain their rooms etc in a displine manner. The HR Mrs.Pushpa Madam treats a baby like a friend and she baths a baby every day. The nurses Shiny, Shalini and Kalai, Lalitha, they treats a patient at a anytime without hindrena of a patient. They use to come with in a minute from our cal. They takes care of a baby as a friendly maner. "CHEERNESS IS THE SUNSHINE OF OUR LIFE" so if a need cheerness so please reach firm hospitals and consult Dr.Mala Raj for our life time gift "Baby". Reading Firm Hospitals will give us happiness. If we comes as a couple to he firm hospitals and while going home we will go as a parents. Baby a gift of god as well as achievement of Dr.Mala Raj.
    Lalitha Balamurugan

    I am glad and happy to share our happiness of having a baby boy (Cutest, adorable) by writing a few lines which cannot be completed cause this is the most wonderful movement given by Dr.Mala Raj to us. As a couple we visited her few months ago and me still can't believe our eyes and not able to digest the joy of being MOM and BAB. Dr.Mala Raj gifted us the future we were wanting to have.
    Firm Hospitals, has become one second home. We do not see it as a hospital as it was like visiting our relations. Any one can deliver a baby. But the care and affection that one provides not only to the patient, but also towards the family separates a good hospital and the best. Firm Hospitals, as the name says, was very firm in providing us the care, love and affection that we were looking at. We are glad that we were under the constant care and expertise of Dr.Mala Raj. We cannot forget her in our life as to he was the one who gifted us one future and bundles of joy. Heartfelt thanks to you madam. We would a less like to thank the staff, be it pushpa madam or all the sisters we were shown the almost affection and care and they made us very happy and made it look like our home. Thanks especially to all the duty doctors and sisters for bearing with us and providing us the best hospitality ever. We are now very firm to recommend "FIRM HOSPITALS" to all our friends and relatives. Thanks Dr.Mala Raj and Team.
    Malini Satish (2)

    I am so glad to find best hospital it's a best hospital in Chennai. After long year ago I got positive result in Firm Hospitals Dr.Mala Raj gave me a best treatment and new life. And sister service is also best she taught me how to keep baby feed and how to careful. House keeping is very clear I heardly thankful to Dr.Mala Raj.
    Thank you to all team of "FIRM HOSPITALS".

    Patient name V.Sharmila good doctor service was really too good the immediate treatment and care incase of emergency admit in this hospital doctor immediate action and treatment safe my life
    I am very very thank you Firm they give new life to me.

    My colleque Mrs.Harini who is recommended this hospital. I was new to Chennai and the facilities Chennai. I searched for a good gynac who can see me at any emergency situation and I got a really good doctor.
    Dr.Mala Raj done the operation at correct time and save my precious little one and gave us a beautiful life. The nurses to be mentioned specially since they have done enormous amount if support both physically and mentally. Special to mention Mrs.Pushpa who gave me very specific and easy ideas to make my baby feed in a better way and helped the baby to wipe and clean since our baby is very small. All duty doctors used to come at correct interval to ensure our well being. Housekeeping also good. Thanks a ton for the excellent work Dr.Mala Raj and the team.
    Kalaiselvi Pradeep

    First off all I would like to thank for Doctor Mala Raj mam. We loved her carryness and supporting character. Every consultation I am very satisfied her treatment. Then she's advise is very usefull. I loved Doctor Mala Raj mam. Thank you so much mam.
    Pushpa mam was helping my baby's feeding then all sisters helped my baby. Hospital admosphere, room, toilet everything is very neat. Hospital room was cleaned daily. Doctor Service : Excellent, Duty Doctor : Excellent Nurse : Good House Keeping : Good
    Varalakshmi Vivek Raj

    I came to know about firm hospital from Dr.Janaki who stays near my home and I have travelled with this hospital for 2 years and now we are happy to have a baby because of Dr. Mala Raj. We did not have child for past 7 years and once after we meet Dr.Mala Raj hope soon and our dreams have become true now.
    Dr.Mala Raj is very kind hearted person and she speaks to us well and makes all our hopes comes true. Very comfortable and good hospitality. All sisters are also very helping character. Bathing Facility and everything is good in this hospital. All duty doctors comes for a regular check up and they talk to us like friends. Thanks to one and all of the sisters, doctors and house keeping who work in the hospital for their best support given to us. Suggestion: Please change the type of food which u give for the patient. Patient not like to eat a coconut sabji for idiyappam and idly because coconut will not digest soon and it creates vomit sensation. And a very special thank you to Dr.Mala Raj

    I am R.Aparna wish to mention the following few lines about my experience in this hospital. Although we are settled in Bangalore the main reason we chose this hospital is because of Dr.Mala Raj's experience and the facilities available in this hospital. I came to know about this hospital from my relative who had delivered a baby here. I started my treatment in this hospital during the 3rd month of my pregnancy right from day 1 felt extremely comfortable to talk to Dr.Mala Raj about my medical conditions. She clarified each and every query of mine. The hospital staff kept me well informed about the treatment process. Although we faced many anxious movements during my pregnancy almost care was taken to boost my confidence by winning the fear in my mind. Even before entering the operation theater the hope and confidence they provided helped me maintain my smile.
    I would like to specialy thank the following staff members. A special thanks to Pushpa madam she not only rendered her service in a splendid way, she also gave advice for the well being of myself and my child. I also wish to thank kavitha, shalini and kali who were readily available even during the midnight and attended to all my service call with a smile. The cost is also affordable when compared to other hospitals in the city. We also started recommending this hospital, about the expertise and caring nature od Dr.Mala Raj and the facilities available in this esteemed hospital. The VISION AND MISSION of this hospital is well maintained. Am leaving this hospital along with my new born with full satisfaction.
    Aparna Muralikrishnan

    My name is Yukesh Murthy, Vidhya's husband. I came to know about this hospital there one of my friend. We have been married since 2009 however with no kids visited many doctors but with no luck. Finally we reached a fertility center in T.Nagar where the doctor said that my wife has fibroid and if it needs to be removed. To get second opinion.
    We came to FIRM and we met Dr,Mala Raj. When we gave all our previous reports which was taken 6 months back she reviewed them and said its high time for remove the FIBROID. My wife was impressed by the way Doctor Spoke to her and she gave a clear picture of what its going to be and how our future plans has to be completely zapped by the doctors words. We came the very next day and got admitted in the hospital and the same day she was operated. Doctor left the hospital after visiting the patients around 12:00 midnight and she was back to hospital by 03:30 and I was totally confused and asked the staffs. Where they said that doctor is late actually. This is totally amazing. As a Doctor she know her responsibility and dedications. Perfectly to her patients in their I would not comment of an the hospital staffs as they are doing their job.

    I came to know Firm Hospital through the website and specialist in women care and Dr.Mala Raj is good experienced doctor in Chennai. We are living in kvwait and came to Chennai for my wife treatment. We experienced here excellent service, best hospitality and friendly approach. We would like to thank Dr.Mala Raj and Team and Staff for me support provided.
    Firm Hospital provided best treatment with affordable cost at per with International standard.

    I am writing this on behalf of my wife sita who has undergone TLH surgery and we came here after consulting 3 other surgeons in Chennai. We are really overwhelmed by the total dedication sincerity and affection shown by Dr.Mala Raj right from the day we met her, She has been very kind to the patient and really try to understand them well.
    We are also very much touched by each of the duty nurses further selfless services given, day ward day out during my wife's stay here from 17/06/2015 – 23/06/2015. Thanks a lot for all the love and affection shown to my wife.

    We are so greatful and thankful to this doctor, without whose expertise our lives would have remained meaningless. There are no words to express our thanks to Dr.Mala Raj and the Team here.
    We shall never ever forget Dr.Mala Raj and Team.

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