Vaginoplasty, is a surgical procedure that results in the construction or reconstruction of the vagina. It is a type of repair following the treatment or removal of malignant growths and abscesses in order to restore a normal vaginal structure and function.

Vaginoplasty is usually referred to procedures that involve medical issues, including vaginal injury due to childbirth, and pelvic floor disease complications and also for creating a transgender vagina.

The method of vaginal tightening can be achieved by surgical or non-surgical methods.

Some women’s vaginas, after normal childbirth or due to age , may become "loose" thus reducing their quality of life.

Seekers of Vaginoplasty may include:

  • Those needing to correct childbirth defects/trauma to improve sexual function
  • Those needing vaginal reconstruction after undergoing radiaton or excision of the vagina to treat cancer or other conditions
  • Transgender individuals undergoing gender affirmation surgery
  • Those born with abnormalities of the vagina

Surgical Vaginoplasty - This day care procedure is performed under general anesthesia, where 6 to 7 meters of excess flabby vaginal tissue is removed and a new vaginal opening is created. The treatment takes 6 months and the best results happen when the healing is complete and women can embrace their new vagina.

Non-surgical Vaginoplasty - In the non-surgical option, various quick and safe solutions are used for various common feminine issues such as Stress Urinary Incontinence, Vaginal Looseness, Dryness, Recurring infections etc., and involves Radiofrequency Energy or Lasers applied in the vaginal canal to tighten the vagina by collagen remodeling.

Vaginoplasty vaginoplasty-procedure
vaginoplasty procedure

What to expect during Vaginoplasty Procedure at Firm Hospitals?

More than 30 lakh Indian women suffer from symptoms of pelvic relaxation and Stress Urinary Incontinence and vaginal looseness. Cosmetic Gynecology or Intimate Aesthetic Surgery is a set of procedures performed either to improve the function of female sensitive parts, for appearance, or for both.

Our Chief Dr. Mala Raj, renowned Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and Specialist in Laproscopic Surgery & Infertility, has strived with passion and determination to improve the status of women’s health.

Unlike many fertility centres where Laparoscopic surgeries and fertility treatment are handled by different doctors, ‘Firm hospitals’ is the only place in Chennai where both Laparoscopic Surgery and Fertility treatment are done by the same doctor – Dr.Mala Raj. As both specialties go hand in hand, it is mandatory to have the same doctor addressing both these issues.

Vaginoplasty are of two types

(i) Non - surgical Vaginoplasty - Non- Surgical Vaginal Rejunevation
(ii) Surgical Vaginoplasty - Tightening of the vagina surgically

Non- Surgical Vaginoplasty : -

In Non- Surgical Vaginoplasty, we use ThermiVa Radio Frequency electrodes to build up the collagen in the Vagina and tighten the tissues in the vagina. This is an office procedure which does not require any admission, injection, anesthesia or medication. Patients can come during their office break, do the procedure and go back to the office within 20 minutes. In the USA & UK women do this on their wedding anniversary as a gift to their husband / partner. It has to be done once a month for 3 months and then at the end of one year as a touch up.

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