At Firm Hospitals, we work closely with women and their sensibilities. We fully understand the sensitive nature of a cosmetic surgery and the importance that this surgery can have in their lives.

Hymenoplasty is one such procedure, where the thin membrane “hymen” which covers the opening of the vagina is restored either by using an existing tissue or a thin flap is created from the vaginal wall. The hymen may have broken down due to vigorous exercises, insertion of tampons or first intercourse.

Women may consider Hymenoplasty for religious reasons or as a gift for their significant other. However, only women in good health can opt for the procedure. Minors will be required to show up after a parent or guardian’s consent on the surgery. Women suffering from serious medical conditions like genital cancer may not be eligible for this procedure.

It is a painless single-day procedure that takes about 20 minutes, under general or local anesthesia. Very fine instruments and suture materials are used to perform this procedure.

A transverse incision is made behind the vaginal wall to obtain access to the vestibular mucosa. Through a self-dissolvable suture, broken hymen tags are reunited and the hymen is repaired. The suture dissolves in 15-21 days or less. After the procedure, the patients are advised to clean the area and apply the prescribed ointment frequently, to maintain good hygiene for quicker healing.

hymenoplasty procedure

What to expect from a Hymenoplasty procedure at Firm Hospitals

Treatment for Hymenoplasty at Firm begins with primary counseling about symptoms and lifestyle, and a thorough understanding of the guidelines to be followed in order to have a painless and smooth recovery from their hymenoplasty procedure.

With an astounding career in the field of women care, our Chief Dr. Mala Raj, renowned Obstetrician, Gynecologist and a Specialist in Laparoscopic Surgery and Infertility, assesses and treats a variety of health conditions affecting women. Her forte lies in treatments for Stress Incontinence, Urgency/Overactive Bladder, Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), Recurrent UTI, Vaginal Vault Prolapse (VVP) and Hymenoplasty among others.

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