Operation Theatre

Firm Hospitals operation theatres are fully equipped with monitors and state of the art gadgets like:
  • High Definition Camera from Storz (Germany) with Video Recording
  • Harmonic Scalpel and Enseal from Ethicon (USA) to make the procedure safe and simple with no blood loss
  • Morcellator to remove huge fibroids (3 kg) laparoscopically from Storz (Germany)
  • Versapoint from Johnson & Johnson (U.S.A) to remove fibroids hysteroscopically

All of the above are used to perform all types of Advanced Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgeries having patient’s safety as priority without compromising on any aspect and helping in the speedy recovery of the patients. All major surgeries are made for single day stay in the with the hospital help of all these advanced technologies and the skill of the doctor.

Procedure Recording, Viewing & Counseling

Firm Hospitals maintains the records of each procedure, maintaining a complete transparency for the satisfaction and for future reference of Patients. The patient attenders also have the option of watching the procedure from the waiting area. Before each procedure, patients are counselled in detail and given printed literature. The procedure is explained with visual aids to provide them with a satisfactory understanding of the problem.

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