Laparoscopic Tubal Recanalisation


Tubal Recanalisation is a surgical procedure used for reversal of tubal sterilization surgery where the fallopian tubes that are clipped or cut for family planning purpose. In Laparoscopic Tubal Recanalization surgery, the cut ends of the fallopian tubes are rejoined using a laparoscope, so that the woman can try for natural conception.

Tubal Recanalisation


Laparoscopic Tubal Recanalisation is done under general anesthesia. A small cut is made on the belly for inserting a laparoscope. The fallopian tubes are evaluated and then the disconnected ends of the tubes are freshened up and sutured back together. This may enable eggs to again travel through the tubes and sperm to go up the fallopian cylinders to join an egg. However, the important factors determining the success of recanalization are technique of sterilization and the remaining length of the tube after recanalization.

You can watch the Laparoscopic Tubal Recanalisation performed by Dr. Mala Raj in this video.

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