International Patient FAQ

  • What language does the staff speak? Will I have trouble in communication?

    English is widely spoken in India and Tamilnadu. It is one of the official languages. In case you need help in your own language, you will be arranged an interpreter.

  • What kind of meals do I get?

    The hospital provides south Indian foods for you and meals provided here are well balanced and designed according to general health.

  • What is the temperature like in India?

    Chennai is located at the Bay of Bengal, the state of Andhra Pradesh bordering from northwest, and the states of Kerala and Karnataka on its western side. Being situated in the tropical zone, Chennai has a hot and humid climate. The hottest months are from May to July with maximum temperatures 38-42 °C (100-107 °F), and the coolest period is from December to January, with minimum temperatures 18-20 °C (64-68 °F).

  • When will I meet my doctor?

    Depending on your arrival, you will meet your doctor either on the same day you come, or the next day, as soon as it is convenient for you.

  • What facilities does the hospital have in place specifically for international patients?

    An International Patient Hostess will take care of the well-being of the customer; organize an interpreter, transport to and from the airport, set the appointments and schedules, introduce travelling options, etc.

  • What services does the hospital offer for international patients?

    We want all our patients to feel safe, comfortable and taken good care of and feel- at home at Firm Hospitals.

  • Is there any charge for the services provided by the international help desk?

    There is no extra charge for the services provided by the international relations desk. The International Patient Hostess will take care of the customer regarding any questions or problems that may arise.

  • What shall I bring with me?

    Please do bring along all your medical records, the results of the examinations and CD’s containing the X-rays, CTs and MRIs concerning your medical status. Also, please bring a list of all medications and herbal remedies you are currently taking.

  • Once I am medically accepted and financially cleared, what next?

    Once the doctor has met you and has the medical records and examinations needed for planning the proper procedure for you, we can immediately start to prepare your treatment, operation or medication.

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