Alphonsa - Thanking words Thanking words

14.05.14 is a day to be remembered where I brought my mom and admitted her in room no. 208. I’m really happy and satisfied the way the doctors, nurses and other staff members treated us and for extending their support in time of our need. A special thanks to Dr. Mala Ra; though there were many complications, she made the surgery a successful one for mom. Thank you very much FIRM HOSPITALS and wishing you all the best for the years to come.

We are very much glad to see Dr.Mala Raj As per my experience and got two abortion after my marriage but after came to Firm Hospital Dr.Mala Raj has given a nice counseling and a treatment. So I got convience with a normal treatment. Dr.Mala Raj a gem of a person very kind heart treats a patients is a good manner. Her treatments makes a happiness in her life and due to her treatment we both blessed a princes in the Firm Hospitals. As and now we have to say about the firm hospitals. Really it is not a hospital and it is our second home they maintain their rooms etc in a displine manner. The HR Mrs.Pushpa Madam treats a baby like a friend and she baths a baby every day. The nurses Shiny, Shalini and Kalai, Lalitha, they treats a patient at a anytime without hindrena of a patient. They use to come with in a minute from our cal. They takes care of a baby as a friendly maner. "CHEERNESS IS THE SUNSHINE OF OUR LIFE" so if a need cheerness so please reach firm hospitals and consult Dr.Mala Raj for our life time gift "Baby". Reading Firm Hospitals will give us happiness. If we comes as a couple to he firm hospitals and while going home we will go as a parents. Baby a gift of god as well as achievement of Dr.Mala Raj.
MALINI SATISH Thanking words
I am glad and happy to share our happiness of having a baby boy (Cutest, adorable) by writing a few lines which cannot be completed cause this is the most wonderful movement given by Dr.Mala Raj to us. As a couple we visited her few months ago and me still can't believe our eyes and not able to digest the joy of being MOM and BAB. Dr.Mala Raj gifted us the future we were wanting to have. Firm Hospitals, has become one second home. We do not see it as a hospital as it was like visiting our relations. Any one can deliver a baby. But the care and affection that one provides not only to the patient, but also towards the family separates a good hospital and the best. Firm Hospitals, as the name says, was very firm in providing us the care, love and affection that we were looking at. We are glad that we were under the constant care and expertise of Dr.Mala Raj. We cannot forget her in our life as to he was the one who gifted us one future and bundles of joy. Heartfelt thanks to you madam. We would a less like to thank the staff, be it pushpa madam or all the sisters we were shown the almost affection and care and they made us very happy and made it look like our home. Thanks especially to all the duty doctors and sisters for bearing with us and providing us the best hospitality ever. We are now very firm to recommend "FIRM HOSPITALS" to all our friends and relatives. Thanks Dr.Mala Raj and Team.
KOUSALYA Thanking words
I am so glad to find best hospital it's a best hospital in Chennai. After long year ago I got positive result in Firm Hospitals Dr.Mala Raj gave me a best treatment and new life. And sister service is also best she taught me how to keep baby feed and how to careful. House keeping is very clear I heardly thankful to Dr.Mala Raj. Thank you to all team of "FIRM HOSPITALS".
SHARMILA Thanking words
Patient name V.Sharmila good doctor service was really too good the immediate treatment and care incase of emergency admit in this hospital doctor immediate action and treatment safe my life I am very very thank you Firm they give new life to me.
My colleque Mrs.Harini who is recommended this hospital. I was new to Chennai and the facilities Chennai. I searched for a good gynac who can see me at any emergency situation and I got a really good doctor. Dr.Mala Raj done the operation at correct time and save my precious little one and gave us a beautiful life. The nurses to be mentioned specially since they have done enormous amount if support both physically and mentally. Special to mention Mrs.Pushpa who gave me very specific and easy ideas to make my baby feed in a better way and helped the baby to wipe and clean since our baby is very small. All duty doctors used to come at correct interval to ensure our well being. Housekeeping also good. Thanks a ton for the excellent work Dr.Mala Raj and the team.
First off all I would like to thank for Doctor Mala Raj mam. We loved her carryness and supporting character. Every consultation I am very satisfied her treatment. Then she's advise is very usefull. I loved Doctor Mala Raj mam. Thank you so much mam. Pushpa mam was helping my baby's feeding then all sisters helped my baby. Hospital admosphere, room, toilet everything is very neat. Hospital room was cleaned daily. Doctor Service : Excellent, Duty Doctor : Excellent Nurse : Good House Keeping : Good
I came to know about firm hospital from Dr.Janaki who stays near my home and I have travelled with this hospital for 2 years and now we are happy to have a baby because of Dr. Mala Raj. We did not have child for past 7 years and once after we meet Dr.Mala Raj hope soon and our dreams have become true now. Dr.Mala Raj is very kind hearted person and she speaks to us well and makes all our hopes comes true. Very comfortable and good hospitality. All sisters are also very helping character. Bathing Facility and everything is good in this hospital. All duty doctors comes for a regular check up and they talk to us like friends. Thanks to one and all of the sisters, doctors and house keeping who work in the hospital for their best support given to us. Suggestion: Please change the type of food which u give for the patient. Patient not like to eat a coconut sabji for idiyappam and idly because coconut will not digest soon and it creates vomit sensation. And a very special thank you to Dr.Mala Raj

I am R.Aparna wish to mention the following few lines about my experience in this hospital. Although we are settled in Bangalore the main reason we chose this hospital is because of Dr.Mala Raj's experience and the facilities available in this hospital. I came to know about this hospital from my relative who had delivered a baby here. I started my treatment in this hospital during the 3rd month of my pregnancy right from day 1 felt extremely comfortable to talk to Dr.Mala Raj about my medical conditions. She clarified each and every query of mine. The hospital staff kept me well informed about the treatment process. Although we faced many anxious movements during my pregnancy almost care was taken to boost my confidence by winning the fear in my mind. Even before entering the operation theater the hope and confidence they provided helped me maintain my smile. I would like to specialy thank the following staff members. A special thanks to Pushpa madam she not only rendered her service in a splendid way, she also gave advice for the well being of myself and my child. I also wish to thank kavitha, shalini and kali who were readily available even during the midnight and attended to all my service call with a smile. The cost is also affordable when compared to other hospitals in the city. We also started recommending this hospital, about the expertise and caring nature od Dr.Mala Raj and the facilities available in this esteemed hospital. The VISION AND MISSION of this hospital is well maintained. Am leaving this hospital along with my new born with full satisfaction.

VIDHYA PRABHA Thanking words
My name is Yukesh Murthy, Vidhya's husband. I came to know about this hospital there one of my friend. We have been married since 2009 however with no kids visited many doctors but with no luck. Finally we reached a fertility center in T.Nagar where the doctor said that my wife has fibroid and if it needs to be removed. To get second opinion. We came to FIRM and we met Dr,Mala Raj. When we gave all our previous reports which was taken 6 months back she reviewed them and said its high time for remove the FIBROID. My wife was impressed by the way Doctor Spoke to her and she gave a clear picture of what its going to be and how our future plans has to be completely zapped by the doctors words. We came the very next day and got admitted in the hospital and the same day she was operated. Doctor left the hospital after visiting the patients around 12:00 midnight and she was back to hospital by 03:30 and I was totally confused and asked the staffs. Where they said that doctor is late actually. This is totally amazing. As a Doctor she know her responsibility and dedications. Perfectly to her patients in their I would not comment of an the hospital staffs as they are doing their job.
SUGANTHI KANNAN Thanking words
I came to know Firm Hospital through the website and specialist in women care and Dr.Mala Raj is good experienced doctor in Chennai. We are living in kvwait and came to Chennai for my wife treatment. We experienced here excellent service, best hospitality and friendly approach. We would like to thank Dr.Mala Raj and Team and Staff for me support provided. Firm Hospital provided best treatment with affordable cost at per with International standard.
SITA NATARAJAN Thanking words
I am writing this on behalf of my wife sita who has undergone TLH surgery and we came here after consulting 3 other surgeons in Chennai. We are really overwhelmed by the total dedication sincerity and affection shown by Dr.Mala Raj right from the day we met her, She has been very kind to the patient and really try to understand them well. We are also very much touched by each of the duty nurses further selfless services given, day ward day out during my wife's stay here from 17/06/2015 – 23/06/2015. Thanks a lot for all the love and affection shown to my wife.
BALA ABIRAMY Thanking words
We are so greatful and thankful to this doctor, without whose expertise our lives would have remained meaningless. There are no words to express our thanks to Dr.Mala Raj and the Team here. We shall never ever forget Dr.Mala Raj and Team.
TEJA SPURTHI MEKA Thanking words
I am so exited to write this testimonial Thank you Dr.Mala Raj and team. You are very kind and helpful through out the process we both thank you a lot for the happiness you filled in our lifes not just us, But of our parents. A simple thank you will never be enough but hope there are better ways and means to express our feelings. You have a best team any patient would never want to go for another hospital or doctor. Thank you once again from our family. God blessings has come our way in the Form of Firm hospitals. All the best for your coming years.
Mrs. PARIMALA DEVI & Mr.sRINIVASAN Thanking words
Sep 14th was my regular checkup to Firm Hospital and surprised Dr.Mala Raj told me to admit that delivery will be soon. Dr.Mala Raj told that it will be normal delivery from 4.00 PM onwards they tried for Normal till 09:30 PM Nurse Pushpa and others tried but atlast around 09:58 PM I gave birth to cute little girl baby through operations. I thank Dr.Mala Raj Nurse Pushpa and Others who supported me a lot.
AMBIKA Thanking words

Sep 12th was the most awaited and memorable day in my life as I delivered a boy baby, Dr. Mala Raj to all care of me through my pregnancy as well as in my delivery time. Nurse Pushpa mentally prepared me for my delivery. And gave confidence as I was little nervous. Ambience as well as the way the nurses treated us was very good, Dr.Mala Raj made my delivery very easy and completed and make my dream come true as every women dream I personally thankful to all the staff, Dr.Mala Raj and suits pushpa to make this pregnancy dream come true.

Mrs.SHARAN ALLWYN & Mr.Allwyn Thanking words
Sep 08 was my regular checkup to my surprise I was asked to admitted. When Dr.mala Raj told me that I would deliver the baby soon that was unbelievable and a speechless moment cause my wait to see my baby has come to an end. I would like to make a special mention about my journey in Firm Hospitals with Dr.Mala Raj and her staffs. This was the most memorable journey of my life. Dr.Mala Raj is very friendly and supportive and I really mean it cause im generally scared of doctors. Every time I came here for my checkup I would always leave home happily feeling supported and not scared of my delivery because I felt I was given in blessed hands. And all the other duty doctor's receptionist, Miss. Shalini nurse pushpa and the others, the attenters were very helpful and made sure that I was taken care off. Sep 09, 2015 the day of my baby's debut. Every women's most precious moment and I enjoyed every bit of it and I am sure I wouldn't have gone through such a memorable time of my life without Dr.Mala Raj, Nurse Pushpa and the others in the labour room. I gave birth to my boy baby through easy and normal delivery. I thank god for making me select the best Doctor and the crew for making my delivery a memorable one. Thank you Dr.Mala Raj love you leads, you were so friendly and approachable. Waiting to look forward for the next delivery with you.
ASHWINI.V Thanking words

Through a friend who delivered here, we came to know about firm hospitals. We met Dr.Mala Raj for the consultation. She was kind, humble and caring enough to offer a great treatment. Through at the end of pregnancy. I had little complication she advised us through the right way and made me deliver the baby. The rooms are clean, Hygienic. The sisters were so helpful kavitha sister helped us and took almost care even in the mid night. The joy of going out as a mother can't be explained. Thanks for making it happen.

R.VASANTHI Thanking words
I admitted my mom, R.Vasanthi for uterus removal, The treatment is very good, excellent. Hospital and doctor, nurse were very kind and they are taking care in good and more friendly manner. The hospital is maintained in hygienic and will suggest our friends and family and relatives to this hospital. We are very satisfied with the surrounding environment and the treatment. We saw your programs it was very excellent.
Smitha Sharma Thanking words
The service at the Hospital is excellent and the cost is also very reasonable and affordable. Its not like other hospital where "MONEY IS THE MOTTO". (This is my personal experience) The day we met Dr.Mala Raj we were very comfortable because she gave us the correct picture instead of making thousand tests. I would recommend the hospital and the doctor for the wonderful services. The staffs are trained and very carrying and hospital is clean. Thank You so much Dr.MALA RAJ and the entire staff of Firm Hospital.
Vidhya Prabha Thanking words
My name is Yukesh Murthy, Vidhya's husband. I came to know about this hospital through one of my friends. We have been married since 2009 however with no kids. We visited many doctors but with no luck. Finally we reached a fertility center in T.Nagar where the doctor said that my wife has fibroid and that it needs to be removed. In order to get a second opinion we came to FIRM and we met Dr.Mala Raj. When we gave all our previous reports which was taken 6 months back she reviewed them and said its high time to remove the FIBROID. My wife was impressed by the way the doctor spoke to her and she gave a clear picture of what its going to be and how our future plans has to be completely zapped by the doctors words. We came the very next day and got admitted in the hospital and the same day she was operated. Doctor left the hospital after visiting the patients around 12:00 midnight and she was back to hospital by 03:30 and I was totally confused and asked the staffs, where they said that doctor is late for another case actually. This is totally amazing. As a Doctor she knows her responsibility and dedications. Hats Off.
Lily Bhatotia Thanking words
It was a very nice experience getting myself admitted into this hospital; a place where cleanliness is the preference. The staffs are very supportive and make the patient comfortable by providing them all the needed assistance, a smiling face and a friendly attitude to the patient. This is the place where you feel that you are in the safe hands of Dr.Mala Raj and there are no chances of being cheated.
K.Sridevi Mohan Babu Thanking words
I came to know Dr. Mala Raj and Firm Hospitals when I searched in google for best gynecologist. I have taken advice from a hospital in Perambur till 5th month but I have not felt comfortable with them. Then I shifted the checkup from Abijay Hospital to Firm Hospitals. When I entered the 1st day into the hospital I felt extreme comfort and was totally relaxed and the atmosphere here is also very pleasant. I liked the way Dr. Mala Raj spoke to me and her way of handling her patients. She is very caring and made me feel comfortable and the duty doctor was very helpful during my delivery.On my delivery day 20/07/2015 staff nurses took care of me very well. They advised me then and there to deliver the baby normal. I have stayed in this hospital for my delivery but I feel it's like my home only.
Subhashini Inston Thanking words
'FIRM HOSPITALS' fulfilled my desire of having a normal delivery. I came to know Dr.Mala Raj through one of my friends who was treated here and had a wonderful experience. I conceived after seven years after my first child was born and was anemic at the beginning stage of pregnancy. The counseling from the dietician was very simple and practical to follow and it helped me to bring up the normal blood level. Dr.Mala Raj's treatment throughout the pregnancy was very positive which only helped me to gain confidence. My hearty appreciation to the duty doctors, the nurses and all the other staffs for their services and providing a safe and secure atmosphere. I felt very secure with my new born baby with all the care and support from the staff. A big thank you to Dr.MALA RAJ and her team.
Svetha Thanking words
I have had a wonderful experience delivering my baby here at Firm Hospitals. I felt more of a homely environment rather than a hospital, if not, I would not have known such a humble and very friendly "Dr.MALA RAJ". I am very much happy with way doctor has treated me from the beginning during my routine check-ups till today after delivery. I felt the doctor was one of my very own family members. My feedback would be incomplete if I do not mention about our senior Sister "PUSHPA" she had helped me a lot during delivery and after delivery also regarding baby care. She encouraged in her own way during my normal delivery. I am very thankful to sister Pushpa and sister "CANDICE" as she helped me a lot during midnight and in early mornings also. Overall I and my family have had a good and wonderful experience at "FIRM HOSPITALS".
SITA NATARAJAN Thanking words
I am writing this on behalf of my wife sita who has undergone TLH surgery and we came here after consulting 3 other surgeons in Chennai. We are really overwhelmed by the total dedication, sincerity and affection shown by Dr.Mala Raj. Right from the day we met her; she has been very kind to the patient and really tries to understand them well. We are also very much touched by each of the duty nurses for their selfless services given, day in and day out, during my wife's stay here from 17/06/2015 – 23/06/2015. Thanks a lot for all the love and affection shown to my wife.
Gowtham Senthil Kumar- Thanking words Thanking words
Dear Doctor Mala Raj, I would really like to thank you for your wonderful service in this medical field. You are more than anything to us (Gowthami and Senthil Kumar and Family). After my marriage I had miscarriages twice and I lost all hope in getting pregnant. But doctor, after meeting you I had full confidence of getting pregnant. The way you speak is really nice and humble, your treatment is awesome.My first baby 'Pragathi' has made life beautiful for me. You are the reason behind this. You are the reason behind this beautiful life and now my second baby who is a boy baby is absolutely another most beautiful moment. The weight of my first baby is 3.6kg and the second one is 3.75kg. Even though the weight of both the babies are more you've tried for normal delivery and made it successful. Thank you for your kindness and expert care. Do continue your service. Thank you for your treatment, love, support and guidance.
Preetha Mary Ann - Thanking words Thanking words
All thanks & glory to my LORD & SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST, for having worked his healing in me through you Dr. Malaraj. You are a blessing to this earth. Words aren’t enough to thank you ma’am for the care and the confidence that my mom, sis & me found in you, on the day 1 of consultation. Since then we know that this has been the answer to all our prayers over a year. Though the fibroid in my uterus was big enough and was advised by many specialists for an open surgery, we dint wanna go for it, as I am single. Your confidence and advice, dint give us a second thought and I was here on 21/11/2014 for the laparoscopy. Missed to see your cutie face before the treatment Ma’am. But I knew very strongly that God is gonna work in you & I will be completely well. I had no fear in me Ma’am. I was taken great care by “all” the sisters and the duty doctors. I felt family here. I haven’t come across a doc like you Ma’am; you are just awesome. When I had pain (severe) while injecting antibiotics, you just said stop it and gave tablets. Could be a silly happening, but it counts the most. Very understanding & sweet you are ma’am. Your every moment is precious. I can see a mother, sister & a friend in you like as I knew you years before. You are admired by us (Mom, sis & me) cute, beautiful, smart, intelligent, responsible, caring, loving & understanding. I must also say that Dr. Yazhini is the next sweet one and I wish her all success to become one like you.The environment & facilities are complete; there are no queries & nothing negative to post. Lovely sisters. They all treated me like their little sister. They were all there nearby whenever required and for all immediate assistance. Special thanks to sis. Sini (sinichechi) for her special prayers. And finally Ma’am, you are simplicity at its best. With all the goodness in our hearts, Mummy, Preethi&Me extend our heartfelt gratitude and a big big thanks. God bless you dear cutie pie. Let your service grow worldwide & may you be the brightest pearl in the heart of all women who are the foundation of all families. Was over excited and missed to say the climax. Though it was a laparoscopic surgery, on the table it turned out to be an open surgery. The fibroid was so very hard & had pushed down the uterus. Though we dint ever want an open surgery, but at this moment we all knew that this was God’s mighty will for me. An open surgery by the most efficient & sweet Ma’am and as a result, a very safe uterus. A 100% successful surgery. I & my family are happy and will keep you Ma’am in our prayers. With loads of confidence & comfort I leave this hospital and be back for my delivery sooooner as you said Ma’am.
Mrs. Uma mageswari - Thanking words Thanking words
It’s a great pleasure to write about you and your fabulous service, which you are providing to all the women who are struggling to have a baby of their own. I have come to you for an ovarian torsion. The doctors in Singapore have changed my life upside down by telling me that I had torsion and one of the ovaries has to be removed. I was completely upset and came to Chennai and have seen 2 doctors before you who have said the same which has shaken my life apart. I was broken and completely clueless what to do next. I was lost and went to a temple asking my mother (Lord Garbarakshambigai) to help me with the problem. I would have never imagined that I would get a solution immediately in the temple. I got a call from my brother with your hospital address and you never hesitated to give us an appointment even at night 08:30pm. We had come there to see you, and your personality and words gave me hope of life. You appeared to me like goddess garbarakshambigai to me, who came to help me with my problems. You treated me like your own daughter, taken care of me till I was completely cured.You journey have not yet stopped on me, it continued on treating my husband for appendicitis as well. Thank you for taking care of my husband’s health as well as this was the 1st time you have admitted a guy in your hospital. You have been there in all my troublesome situations to rectify the problems. Now you have given me something to hold on with my life. Your care and complete dedication has inspired me like anything in the world You are the guardian of an angel who has come to this world to care all the women’s problems. You are a lucky angel to all of us who seek your advice and guidance. And I should say this, you have wonderful staff. And you have the best team, who is very co-operative, kind, helpful and needy in all times. They never hesitate to help patients. They provide the help spontaneously thanks to all of the staffs. Thanks for keeping the environment clean and tidy; we feel like we are at home.And thank you so much for setting up a mandir at the entrance with Lord Ganesha and ShridiSai Baba. They bring hope and break all the obstacles for all those who come to this hospital. They are the lucky charm for you and your reputed concern. I have always admired your smiling face, patience and confidence in all that you do. Your dedication and sincerity will never let you down in any circumstances May you and your family have all the god’s blessings forever. Keep going with your service to help all the people you can throughout your life. May god bless you with a long life and success. You’re a fabulous doctor and you do a fantastic service.
Priya Engurathi - Thanking words Thanking words
You are an amazing doctor, an angel in disguise. My first meeting with you was a very memorable one and was a driving factor for me to move forward with the IVF procedure at FIRM HOSPITALS. You were kind and patient enough to answer all my queries and were willing to accommodate all my needs since I had come from abroad. I was looking for a fertility hospital and a specialist who could provide personal attention to my case. I had met several IVF specialists from top hospitals but they all treated me as a case and not a person. You were someone who broke the norm and treated me as one of your kith and kin (atleast I never felt like a I had a doc-patient relationship during my appointments or during my stay at the hospital). You are very dedicated and compassionate about your profession. You have taken great measures to ensure I received the right treatment and care for OHSS. You were quickly able to pull together a team of specialists to assess my condition and the treatment protocol. I still cant believe you visited me so many times during my initial days of OHSS and provided so much personal care, not to mention all the night time emergency calls and immediate responses. I never felt like I was in a hospital during my 10 days of stay; the people and the environment made me feel at home. I have so many positive things to say about you, but I’m sure I will run out of adjectives. This feedback would be incomplete if I do not mention about your charming and gorgeous personality. Keep the smile going. and I am sure you and the FIRM concern will reach great heights and success!! The staff and nurses were very patient, understanding and supportive of my needs. I was in a lot of pain and had bursted out on a few of them, but amazingly they all kept their cool. The nurses are very knowledgeable and adaptive. They were available 24x7 on the click of a button. I wish Dr. Mala Raj and Firm Hospitals the very best for all their future endeavours. Kindly do not compromise on the QUALITY OF CARE as your hospital grows THANK YOU SO MUCH AWESOME DOC!!!
Ewan Cheriyan - Thanking words Thanking words
I am thankful for all the care that has been given to me in Firm Hospitals. I came for a hysterectomy surgery which was done laparoscopically. I thank Dr. Mala Raj and all the staff at Firm Hospitals for the services offered. There was always a smile on Dr. Mala Raj’sface. There were a lot of smiles from the nurses as well. The rooms are kept neat and tidy and there is continuous attention given to hygiene. My needs were well looked after in this hospital. Overall I had a very peaceful stay. Thank you very much Dr. Mala Raj for your special touch. May God use you in a powerful way in the days to come as well. A very big thanks on behalf of my husband and family as well.
Shobha Ravichandran - Thanking words Thanking words
I came in for my hysterectomy from Trichy. I went to a couple of doctors in Trichy and they all told me that I have to go for open surgery and remove both my ovaries and uterus. I saw Dr. Mala’s profile on the internet and made an appointment. When I came and saw her she made everything so simple and her positive attitude made me go for the operation immediately. I had my hysterectomy with laparoscopy and it was very comfortable and reassuring. Dr. Mala relates to her patients and we are at much ease with her. All the assistant doctors are also very kind and sweet. The treatment given is the best of all. The fear of a hospital goes away after coming to Firm Hospitals
Maheshwari - Thanking words Thanking words
Hi, I am Maheshwari and I came with a problem; I had a fibroid in my uterus. Initially I had severe stomach ache and I went to a reputed hospital in Mylapore. Theyhad suspected appendicitis and asked me to take an ultrasound scan. But when I had that scan I came to know that I have a big fibroid which made me and my family shattered. At that time by God’s grace, we saw a magazine in which we came across Firm Hospitals advertisement. We contacted the hospital on Sunday evening; Dr. Mala Raj immediately gave us an appointment at 9 pm that too on a Sunday. When we came to the hospital, the doctor’s warm gesture and the kind assurance that I will be fine very soon, made us relieved. My doctor, Dr. Mala Raj gave me excellent treatment. The hospital has good ambience &state of the art technologies. All the staff was very supportive and they were there at all times we needed them. To be frank I think Dr. Mala Raj is a god sent angel to save me and my future. She has done laparoscopy and has taken out a 2 kg of fibroid, a surgery that took 4 hours to complete. Now I am very much relieved after the laparoscopy and I have gained quick recovery. Dear Doctor, I thank you for all your support & kind words.
Maria Arnold - Thanking words Thanking words
It is with much delight and pleasure that I’m putting down the following comments I had surfed the net and had registered for a quotation on delivery package. The only organization that had called was Firm. On contacting the reception, relevant details were given and had arranged a visit to the hospital along with consultancy with Dr. Mala Raj who had excellent feedback on her service Meeting Dr. Mala Raj was heaven sent, she had put my pregnancy /delivery worries to rest. She was just the doctor I would want to deliver my child with Dr. Mala Raj’s service was immaculate in every single way and was very understanding. I had never known of service in such an impeccable manner. Dr. Mala Raj was the star of FIRM HOSPITALS! Service does not stop there, the nurses, the floor in charge, supervisors and the cleaners were like little fairies doing their duties with courtesy and professionalism; not forgetting the duty manager’s splendid job. I thank the Firm management for the wonderful staffing and rest assured I would be back for my next delivery. Apollo cannot be compared to Firm as FIRM standard’s is impeccable “ I had a home away from home experience “ Thank you all for an experience and service to remember in pretty moved to have received such an outstanding treatment. Thanks a million Firm Management with heartfeltgratitude.
Manickavasagan & Mrs. Muthu Chidambaram - Thanking words Thanking words
Consulting Dr.Malaraj was one of the foremost reasons we decided to have the baby delivered in Chennai rather than Singapore. This is because it was Dr.Malaraj who helped with the birth of our first child as well. We are happy that indeed proved to be right decision as Dr.Malaraj and her support staffs demonstrated extreme professionalism and excellent know-how of pregnancy delivery procedures. Dr.Malaraj’s invitation helped us to mentally prepare ourselves for any challenging situations. The first such scenario was when my wife was in her 32nd week of pregnancy when Dr.Mala had suggested her to not strain herself as the baby was already in the right position and any strenuous activity would result in a pre-term baby. This helped immensely as my wife developed some complications later that week and she was aware of the symptoms and rightly decided to get admitted. It was during this period that we had to thank the doctor and her team as she helped to get things settled down and administered the right treatment to delay the evented delivery. We really couldn’t thank enough for this as we were worried about the consequences of having a preterm baby in the long run. Thereafter she kept monitoring my wife on a more regular basis as is the normal practice and gave the necessary courage and support that my wife so needed. Another standout feature of Dr.Mala Raj was her assuredness is letting my wife know during a regular checkuptowards the end of week 37, wherein she asked my wife to get admitted as the baby was 200% sure to be born by the next day. And how right did that prove to be as my wife started to get into passive labour later that evening and delivered a normal and healthy baby early next morning. What definitely needs to be mentioned here is that it’s the doctor’s assuredness that helped my wife prevent any anxious moments of developing contractions while being at home instead, she was in a much safer environment of the hospital premises with dedicated caring and support staffs. We are extremely happy with the decision we made to consult Dr.Mala Raj as it proved to be the correct one and we are so thankful to her and her entire team for that.
Mrs. Vidhyalakshmi - Thanking words Thanking words
I just wanted to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent and wonderful care provided to me by Dr. Mala Raj from day 1 until my delivery at Firm Hospitals. I got married in Nov 2007 and was diagnosed with infertility. We had taken treatment at various hospitals and had wasted almost 4 years with no fruitful results. Finally god had listened to our prayers and came to know Dr. Mala Raj through a relative. In my first consultation itself, Dr. Mala Raj had explained in detail on the problem that I had and on the treatment planned. We got tremendous confidence after our discussion with Dr. Mala Raj and started coming to Firm Hospitals on alternate weeks. We started noticing gradual and steady improvement through the test/laboratory results. The long awaited day had finally come and my pregnancy was confirmed. We were so humbled by the care and support provided by Dr. Mala Raj, duty doctors, nurses and the supporting staff. Many a time we had called Dr. Mala Raj directly on emergencies and the doctor had responded with utmost care. Dr. Mala Raj had also called me on few occasions and had clarified all my queries and concerns. On 13th of Jan 2014, I had severe pain and immediately reached Dr. Mala Raj. She had requested me to come to the hospital immediately and when we arrived she made all the arrangements and finally I had become a proud mother of cute twin girls. No words are enough to express our gratefulness to Dr. Mala Raj and her team. I had a very pleasant stay at Firm Hospitals; rooms are very clean and hygienic; supporting staff are very cooperative and responded to all my needs. Installed ‘RO’ water in all floors and hygienic drinking water was available at all times; properly cleaned restrooms and mantras playing on all floors were very pleasant to the mind. I would recommend Firm Hospitals to all my friends and family. Regards
Mrs. Rekha Sharma - Thanking words Thanking words
I am really thankful to share my life’s best moment with you. I am extremely happy and words are not enough to thank the most beautiful and experienced doctor, Dr. Mala Raj I have known her for the past 10-12 years as she knows my mother’s family very well. About me, I go married on 06th of July 2006 and for the past 3 years we have tried to have a baby but have not got any positive result. We visited a couple of nearby doctors as well as other specialists, but yet the results were hopeless. Suddenly, I remembered Dr.Mala Raj and both of us went to meet her at her hospital, Firm Hospitals in February 2013. After consulting the doctor, she told us not to wait and waste our time any more as we have been married for the past 7 years. She gave us medicines and followed her exact words. It was an unbelievable experience when we came to know that I had conceived on 5th of April 2013. That was my life’s best day. Suddenly after 15 days of my results, I had a few complications and the doctor advised me to stay at the hospital and I did as she said. I was almost in the stage of a miscarriage and it got me very worried. But Dr. Mala Raj gave me full support and confidence that nothing will happen to my child. I was admitted in the hospital for 1 month and she took care of me and treated me like a younger sister. She was very worried about me and prayed that everything should go well. Finally, all our prayers came true. Dr. Mala Raj is my God; without her, I was hopeless. The staff nurses and supervisors took care of me very well. The hospital rooms are very neat and clean with no complaints. Finally my date of delivery was nearing and I was very nervous. Dr. Mala Raj advised me on how to handle the last few days of delivery without any fear. I had full faith and trust on Dr. Mala Raj because she was looking after me and guided me for the past nine months. Finally on 19th December 2013 I was admitted to the hospital and 20th of December with God’s grace, I gave birth to a baby boy. It was the most happiest and unforgettable day of my life. I was not able to believe that everything went well and I am very happy even today while writing this note. My husband, me and my family are very thankful to Dr. Mala Raj. The service and treatment was very good. I thank Dr. Mala Raj from the bottom of my heart and I am sure she will reach great heights. Thanks and Regards
Mrs. Karpagavalli Ganesh - Thanking words Thanking words
Firm Hospitals has gifted us with unlimited joy and happiness to our life with twin girl babies. This moment of blessing of God is through the hands of Dr. Mala Raj. We are married for the last 4 years and our patience and prayers have not gone in vain thanks to Dr. Mala Raj. For the past years we have undergone various treatments in different prestigious hospitals in Chennai, but all our efforts were in vain. Ultimately, God has guided us to meet Dr. Mala Raj at Firm Hospitals and we felt that from day 1 we are in the right hands. During the course of treatment, Dr. Mala Raj was kind and patient enough to listen to our various issues and she has given us the appropriate treatment. As a result of the successful treatment, I conceived. And also during the various stages of pregnancy, all the medical issues were well handled and treated accordingly. Initially I faced a lot of health related issues and the doctor has given the best personal care and treatment. During my periodical checkup, the doctor has given me special care and attention whenever required. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the duty doctors, staff nurse, administrative staff and security for all their kind support and treating us like their family members. The overall service and experience at Firm Hospitals was awesome which made me refer a lot of relatives and friends so that they could experience the same. I specially thank the duty doctors and staff nurse and above all Dr. Mala Raj God has sent Dr. Mala Raj to gift us all with babies.
Mrs. Steffi Flora - Thanking words Thanking words
I’m Steffi, came to India for delivery from UK. After a long search for a good hospital and an experienced doctor, I came to know about Dr. Mala Raj through one of our family friends. After consulting Dr. Mala Raj, I was very happy and satisfied with her treatment and her positive speech at all times. Till the last minute of delivery, I had continuous illness such as fever, itchiness etc. Dr. Mala Raj and the entire staff, duty doctors and nurses supported and treated me with kind words and endless service. The best service I have ever come across among all the hospitals in Chennai. Firm Hospitals is highly recommended to any woman and of any age group. The service and treatment given post-delivery was also amazing. I was very concerned about the cleanliness and the atmosphere of the hospital and Firm Hospitals was very clean with staff dressed up neatly and maintaining the rooms, floor and bathrooms very clean and hygienic. On the whole I would recommend and rate Firm Hospitals 100 % worth and best hospital right from service, treatment and the concern for patients. I’m sure my next delivery will also be in Firm Hospitals. I thank all the nurses, watchman, duty doctors, supervisors, house-keeping staff and above all Dr. Mala Raj very much for giving me this amazing experience.
Sangeetha Rajesh - Thanking words Thanking words
Dearest Dr. Malaraj, I would like to say a huge thank you and lucky to have Dr. MalaRaj for her outstanding care for the patients. She is incredible. She really listens to me and she has a way of making me feel so calm. She is very caring and compassionate. She is always smiling and friendly and reachable at any time. She takes lots of time with each patient and she never go away feeling like you were rushed in and rushed out. I have been fortunate that I have had an Dr Malaraj for her outstanding care on patients.After meeting her and being in her care since we arrived we are more than confident and in good hands. I would eagerly recommend YOU to our relatives and friends as preferred provider of superior medical care, when given the chance. She has a way of making us feel very special she is truly an outstanding and dedicated physician. She is personable, compassionate, and extremely thorough in her approach to medicine and her specialty of gynecology. She always takes the necessary time to explain in detail any medical findings and her advised course of action, treatment plans, and expected outcomes. You really made us feel like you sincerely cared by extending your compassion and warmth. I never felt rushed. You made me feel important. She is so kind, compassionate and caring all the while still providing top notch care for me and my unborn baby. She is very thorough, she makes us feel important and her appointment is never rushed. The medical assistants and receptionists are excellent as well! Thank you for your help. You have done for me what you didn't have to do. Without your help I don't know what I would have done or would do... It's a new day, a new season, and I am getting ready to burst into a different dimension. I am now ready to walk in a new grace and in a new faith. Many thanks to you! With Sincere Regards,
Rathna Nijesh - Thanking words Thanking words
I am very happy that I found FIRM Fertility centre. Your expertise treatment was thoroughly personalized to my individual situation. With your kind and understanding nature and proficient treatment planning, now I am into mother hood for which I am very much indebted. I am 6 months pregnant now and awaiting for the grand day. THANK YOU DOCTOR FOR ALL THIS HELP. I wish you all the very best for your future endevours.
Malini - Thanking words Thanking words
The best doctor I would have ever met. Always approaches the patients with a cheerful face and never has show any signs of irritation at any time.She is Specialized in all kinds of Infertility treatments and a very dedicated doctor. All the staff in the hospital are very good. I wish her all the best for all her future endeavors. Her Entire character is here below M-Magnificent A-Affectionate L-Lovable A-Adorable R-Reliable A-Amicable J-Jubilian All The Best Doctor for the new clinic...
Presana Bagri - Thanking words Thanking words
Dearest Dr. Malaraj, Just a note of my emotions Just a note of my expressions Just a note to tell you “Thank You” Loads of Love
Idihaya Rani - Thanking words Thanking words
Dearest Dr.Malaraj, My name is Idihaya Rani i have consulted so many gynecologist for 9yrs but no result i have no child till i consult Dr Malaraj madam after 2 months she did laparoscopy and remove the fibroid from my uterus by next month IUI processed result is positive now i have cute baby i am and my family so happy Last but not least, mam is god for me and my family With lot of love and regards
Kannaki Jeyabalan - Thanking words Thanking words
Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for the work you have done for me till date. Mam, The world is truly blessed to have you in it — because you are giving wonderful loving care to all who come to you with great smile & friendliness, and that is irreplaceable. “Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother” and “Motherhood is a gift for every woman” – Finally I attained this right and precious gift in my life because of you. Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for the work you have done for me till date. Mam, The world is truly blessed to have you in it — because you are giving wonderful loving care to all who come to you with great smile & friendliness, and that is irreplaceable. “Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother” and “Motherhood is a gift for every woman” – Finally I attained this right and precious gift in my life because of you. Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for the work you have done for me till date. Mam, The world is truly blessed to have you in it — because you are giving wonderful loving care to all who come to you with great smile & friendliness, and that is irreplaceable. “Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother” and “Motherhood is a gift for every woman” – Finally I attained this right and precious gift in my life because of you.
Monisha Dilip - Thanking words Thanking words
My Dearest Mala Mam, I was undergoing treatment for fibroids for a long time which were causing excessive bleeding month after month and I had turned anemic and weak and was totally freaked out. That’s when I was advised cut surgery to remove fibroids and uterus. Hysterectomy at the age of 36, I was very nervous and scared and full of questions. but when I met the young,dynamic, friendly and confident Dr mala raj, I realized it was not a big deal at all. She assured me that I would be ok and life would be the same after the surgery and rightly so I feel the same and even better than before. She was the only Doctor from the 6 that I consulted who assured me total laparoscopy surgery where I would have smaller cuts and recovery would be easier and faster. So after just a couple of visits with Dr Mala, I decided to go ahead with the surgery. And rightly so the surgery went extremely smooth and when I saw the 1 kg huge fibroid that was removed during the surgery I figured how difficult and complicated the operation would have been which mala did with such perfection and ease. I was home in less than 2 days and post operative recovery was quick and comfortable. I have 4 very small cuts which don't bother me in any way in fact they are hardly even visible. Dr Mala answered all my doubts and questions with a lot of patience and confidence and thanks to her I am leading a completely normal life. After my experience with her I am very glad to recommend her to many of my friends and relatives who have also consulted her and are very happy and satisfied with her treatment.
The mother of Baby Arav Thanking words
Feels like just yesterday I got the news of being pregnant and so much has happened ever since. My little boy just turned 6 months and it gives me joy above all to recall the memories of my 1 year long journey while writing this testimonial that has been long due.

This is a testimonial of faith, love and gratitude to a doctor I truly admire from the bottom of my heart. Dr. Mala Raj has been a huge support to me and my family for many years now. We have all been successively under her care at different points in time. I had previously undergone a polypectomy and have also been under her care for something as simple as a viral fever. My mother has undergone a hysterectomy and plenty of relatives and acquaintances have consulted her for various reasons. And nonetheless the delivery of my little one, etched in every memory for many many years to follow.

Having had a missed abortion at 7 weeks prior to this pregnancy and though it was a brief moment of grief, the pain of that loss still gives me the shivers. I still remember Mala ma’am’s every word of confidence that made me want to try to conceive again.

My 9 month journey was a smooth sail. I thankfully had no complaints right through my pregnancy, apart from a short spell of recurring back pain at the final home-stretch. The night of 23rd October 2016 was unforgettable, with contractions starting 2 weeks ahead of my due date. I rushed to the hospital and was immediately examined and put on observation. At around 2:30 a.m, came the voice of that familiar smile and warm words. It was a relief to know that Mala Ma’am was available as she had to attend a conference a few days earlier. A few words of confidence and a couple of instructions to the sisters and I was all set for labor to progress.

At around 6 am, when she checked in on me, labour hadn’t progressed and my baby was still high up. I immediately opted for the C-section that was offered as I was afraid of the consequences of waiting it out any further.

Though I was a nervous wreck, being there, in the hands of the most skillful doctor I ever have come across, who has given lives to many such, to the young and yearning parents to be, I was sure me and my little one would be out perfectly safe. I waved my final goodbye to my family as I was rolled into the operation theatre, only to return shortly with our newest family member.

Inside, at 9:05 a.m, for the very first time, I heard the cries of my dearest little one. When they brought him close to me, I could not hold back those tears of joy streaming down my face. For the first time in all my life, I felt real, like a new purpose has dawned on me, a new reality. A mother. Those words have a new perspective that I now see.

My recovery was swift. I was taken care of by a team of true professionals and indeed, 3 days since the birth of my son, I walked out of Firm Hospitals. This place is my temple, a second-home and Mala Ma’am is godmother to my child, the first one to have ever held him close and I’m proud of it. The scar of his birth is like a tattoo with a better story.

I sincerely thank Dr. Mala Raj and the entire team at Firm Hospitals for giving me the joy of being a mother to my son ‘ARAV’
Angeline & Vivek Thanking words

Going to the gynecologist can be an anxiety provoking experience. I can honestly say that this is not the experience of Dr. Malaraj’s patients. She is friendly, non-judgemental, understanding, and really takes the time to listen and talk. You will never feel like you are being rushed out the door. I had been travelling with Dr Malaraj since March 2016. The issues I had in conceiving never seemed a threat as I knew God has put me on the safe hands of Dr.Malaraj. My treatment started from then, went on taking up a laparoscopic procedure and in a month's time I became pregnant. Though my antenatal period was eventful, the last month did not go that way. But with the Doctor's able guidance and her vast knowledge of science she helped me deliver our Prince Charming on April 20th 2017 safely without any complications. The entire team is so as the chief (Dr.Malaraj) in delivering excellent patient care and what not. I had been admitted thrice in the hospital (R.No 206, 210 and 201) not once i felt that I'm missing home. The ambience itself alleviates all the anxiety and fear. Dr.Malaraj, You are incredible at what you do and we're SO thankful we found you!

Mrs. Blossom Raj Thanking words
Here I’d like to share my experience with the Firm team and Dr. Malaraj. I came to know of Firm Hospitals through a friend of mine, she knew that I’d long been suffering from unbearable pain and heavy bleeding for nearly 10years, I’d visited many Doctors at Chennai and nearly all of them advised me to have my uterus removed, but I kept pushing on, due to fear of going for an open surgery, as I was told that there would be a lot of blood loss and I’d require at least 6 months rest before getting back to normal.

I came to Firm Hospitals on 20th January 2016. On entering the hospital I was convinced that my friend had directed me to a good place. Then I met Dr. Malaraj, my very first impression was that I was in seated in front of a loyal dedicated Doctor, and as I went on to explain my problem Dr. Malaraj’s approach gave me a confident feeling that God had sent me to the right place and that I could be assured that I’d be as good as new after the surgery.

Dr.Mala assured me that I need not go for an open surgery, she said that I could get my uterus removed through laproscopy and that I would be able to resume my regular duties within a week of my surgery, and that by going in for a TLH, I would not have much blood loss, so I agreed for the surgery and after some blood reports my surgery date was fixed for the 28th of January 2016. I got admitted on the 27thand was operated the next day at 4.30pm. I was shifted to my room after the surgery and when I awoke, I was made to feel comfortable and at home by the staff of firm.

Lo and Behold the next morning I was able to get up and sit, then with the help of the staff I got up from my bed and believe me at 6am I walked few steps along the corridor. I was very happy and knew this wouldn’t have been possible had I been elsewhere, but the was made possible only with Dr. Malaraj’s dedicated service to her patients. I went back to my normal duties in a week as promised by Dr.Malaraj. Today even after a year I still feel happy at getting a chance to speak about such a dedicated service oriented Doctor, Dr.MALARAJ.

Mrs. Udaya Shirish Thanking words
To write a few lines about Dr. Mala Raj and her subordinates, I am short of words to express, because this hospital is the only hospital which gives the experience of the word hospitality. Mala ma’am is blessed with good and service-oriented staff. Each staff is out-beating the other staff. The whole hospital is with positive vibration. Dr. Mala is a class woman who comes out of her way to support her patients. I assure every patient will carry positive energy because the hospital is with 100% vasthu. I seek to recommend every infertility female to visit Firm Hospitals. Finally we extend our humble thanks to one and all of Firm Hospitals. In forthcoming days, Firm Hospitals is going to be one of the best hospitals in entire Tamil Nadu with Sai blessings.
Mrs. Bhavani Vasudevan Thanking words
I am mother of Aswathy Vasudevan, who was admitted here for the delivery. Her due date was Jan 18th, but as she developed mild complication, she was admitted on 29/12/17. Here I would like to mention that after checking my daughter the way in which Dr. Mala explained to me the seriousness of my daughter situation was so much clear and understandable to even a layman, after that I was totally stress-free. I could feel the positive energy Dr. Mala gave the patient and the members that all of us were realized. The next day also Doctor took the decision to do a C-section; my daughter accepted it with an open-mind, only because of the trust and faith she had developed just by listening to Doctor with determination in whatever decision she has taken. Whoever reads this will definitely feel positive and happy that whatever decision Doctor takes is going to be the final and a good decision. My daughter is blessed with a baby girl. Thanks to Dr. Mala and her entire team who is always caring and helpful. Am grateful to the entire team.
Thanking Words Thanking words
Highly satisfied. A Multi-analytic approach by all the hospital Staff and Doctors. Special thanks to all the nurses for very caring approach and on time attention. Thanks to the hospital’s top-norm infrastructure and cleanliness atmosphere. Highly recommended!
Mrs. Priyanka Vijay Thanking words
Thank you very much Doctor for all the support and guidance. Whenever I call you, even at we hours you have been so kind to guide me all over the call and always supported me. Sincere thanks to refer me to your friend in Bangalore, when I had Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome. Your kind words and motherly affection boost my confidence on you and your treatment. Sincere appreciation to your entire crew. From security guards to surgeons, everyone is so polite and caring about patients. There may be so many hospitals with such latest technology, but no closer to the kind of personal touch that you and your team bring in. Thank you a ton!!
Mrs. Udaya Shirish Thanking words
To text few lines about Dr. Mala raj and her sub-ordinates, am short of words to express because your hospital is the only hospital which gives the experience of word Hospitality. Mala mam is blessed with good and service-oriented staff. Each staff is out-beating the other staff. The whole hospital is with positive vibration. Doctor Mala is a class women, she comes out of way to support the patients. I assure every patient will carry positive energy because the hospital is with 200% of vaasthu. I seek to recommend all infertility female to visit Firm Hospital. Finally, we extend our humble thanks to one and all of Firm Hospital. In the forthcoming days, Firm Hospital is going to be the one of the best hospital in entire Tamil Nadu with Sai blessings. Warm regards!!
Mrs. Porkodi Thanking words
Most dedicated Doctor I have ever seen Mrs. Mala raj madam, her kind advice and attention towards the patients as excellent. Timely service and timely attention us main factor for the success of Firm Hospitals. Am overwhelmed that we are blessed with baby boy, with the blessing of God and care from Mrs. Mala raj. She is the one who gave me prefix as Mother for my name. Most important, Hospitality is very good and clean, Duty Doctor concerns of their patients are also very excellent. The other staff and nurses in this hospital are also most dedicated people for their work. I am sincerely thanking and wish more success for Dr. Mala raj.
Mrs. Gouthami Rakesh Thanking words
One of the best hospitals for Maternity and Women Care. This is the third child born in this hospital in our family. Extremely happy and satisfied with the services rendered. Dr. Mala raj’s advice and care during the entire cycle of pregnancy was top class and she is a calm and very approachable person towards any doubts and queries. The hospital is very clean and the infrastructure best in class. The duty doctors, nurses and staffs have been very supportive, attentive to any queries and have handled the maternity very well. We came as two and we leave as a complete family. Thank you for all the support and help during the most important phase of our life and we would definitely recommend Firm Hospital to all our friends.
Mrs. K. Vaishnavi Thanking words
At the first, thank you very much for the support and guidance provided by Dr. Mala raj, supporting doctors, nurse and senior staff nurse. Since this is my first child, each and every one gave me suggestion which helped me in grooming myself in motherhood. Hospitality and surroundings were awesome. I got suggested by one of my mom’s friends and I came to consult her. She gave me lots of information about natural birth and child care tips and suggested me to attend prenatal exercise class and post lactation class. One of the best sessions I had with Kavitha, where I came to know a bit and bite of the motherhood period and exercises she taught which helped in controlling the weight and lactation tips was very useful. As Technology develops and came to know useful ideas about preserving Stem Cells. I had saved my girl’s Stem Cells for her future and overall they guided me in a right path. After delivery, doctors including the Chief Doctor and nurses examined me twice a day to check whether I and my baby are fine. Thanks everyone for warm welcoming my child and friendly behavior of the doctor, nurse; I will suggest to all my friends and families who are seeking for the best doctors in and around Chennai. Highly recommended and reputed hospital for child care and all women related issues.
Mrs. T. K. Kalairani Thanking words
I would like to thank my doctor Mrs. Mala raj and Firm Hospital for treating well my PCOS problem and infertility problems. I first visited this hospital last year for my infertility problem. Doctor has suggested me to do laparoscopy for removing the cyst. I was done laparoscopy next month itself. And then I got conceived within 2 months. My entire family was so happy. After that I continued treatment under Dr. Mala raj. Duty doctors and nurses had taken much care during pregnancy. I had a complicated pregnancy, but doctors had supported me every time. Finally, I’m blessed with my baby boy. I’m very much thankful to Dr. Mala raj and Firm Hospital and all staffs. One of my friends suggested this hospital. Best wishes for the welfare of Firm Hospital.
Mrs. L. Shirley Thanking words
I would like to convey my thanks to Dr. Mala raj who has been a good friend. She provided us the best treatment. I pray god and wish her all the best to continue this esteemed service. I would also like to thank the duty doctor Hemalatha, for her kind heartedness; the nurses and Mrs. Pushpa for their kind hospitality. This is the best hospital and would recommend to my friends and relatives. I wish Dr. Mala raj to continue this hospitality for many more years to come. We were under treatment with her for 3 months and delivered a beautiful baby girl under her guidance. I would also like to convey my special thanks to the Dietician and Reception staff. Thank you!!
Mrs. Jennifer Bibin Thanking words
My sincere and hearty thanks to Dr. Mala raj at the outset for her care and intimate concern to all her good work she has been doing in her noble service/profession. Her patience in seeing the patients was what I liked the most; her humility down to earth was excellent. She is a role model for all doctors. I also thank all the doctors, nurses for their co-operation at our beck. I will recommend to my relatives and friends. Last but not least, the hospital and its infrastructure with all amenities are very good and satisfactory. I wish Dr. Mala raj a very bright and happy service!
Mrs. Deepa Kumari Thanking words
We are very thankful to the very talented and energetic, respected Dr. Mala raj and their team, including the services provided by the nurses 24 hrs. All are very supportive and helps with a smiling face every time.
Mrs. Sulekha Suba Shanthini Thanking words
Past three years, we were consulting a doctor. One of my friends referred us to Dr. Mala raj. We consulted her in the month of December 2016. Very next month, we got to know the good news and our baby born on September 2017. The service and care, we received from the hospital is very good and the surgery went well. Definitely we will refer relatives and friends to Dr. Mala raj.

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