15 Ways to Effective Weight Management
  • Use Stair

    Use stair case instead of elevators in your office or in shopping complex. By doing so, your calf muscles and inner thighs get toned.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday

    Aim to have at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Because water not only flushes out toxins from your system but also improves the metabolism of your food and burns the calories faster.

  • Exercise for 45 minutes everyday

    Exercise doesn’t mean you have to go to gym and have regular exercise regimen. You can do it casually by parking your vehicle farther from your office or shopping area and walk the distance. Morning walk is another time tested Way to exercise.

  • Do not be on empty stomach

    Skipping a breakfast or your meal will help you to attain life-long Nutritional benefits. Try to avoid fried snacks like potato wafers, French fries and snacks prepared with high fat content. You can select fresh vegetables like carrot, cucumber and tomato to beat the hunger pangs at odd hours.

  • Select the right food

    Eat smart selecting the right food will help you to attain life –long nutritional benefits. Try to avoid fried snacks like potato wafers, French fries and snacks Prepared with high fat content. You can select fresh vegetables like carrot, cucumber and tomato to beat the hunger pangs at odd hours

  • Divide you meal plan

    Instead of having 3 large meals you can have 6 mini meals (of same quantity) in a day. This will reduce your junk foods.

  • Stop that coffee habit

    Prefer green tea which helps you in metabolism.

  • Chew your food slowly

    According to one study 95% of meals calorie are eaten within first 10 minutes. By eating slowly we eat less as it will send a signal to brain that our stomach is full. We can feel the sense of fullness with less food by chewing slowly.

  • Change your eating style

    You may not know how much you eat when you are reading or watching television simultaneously. Focusing on your food makes you eat as much as required.

  • Restrict salt

    High salt in your body will lead you to bloat. Give least preference to processed, tinned foods, ready- to-eat snacks since, that could have a hidden salt content.

  • Select fibre loaded vegetables

    Fibro loaded vegetables like radish, turnip, beans and carrot makes you feel full for longer and reduce your food intake during the day.

  • Select fresh fruits instead of fruit juices

    Prefer fresh fruits rather than fruit juices because, fresh fruits contain more minerals and fibre with low calorie.

  • Take Vegetarian food or stick to lean meat

    Vegetables carry high fibre, meager calories and enough Nutritional value than meat. If you are die- hard meat lover choose lean meat like fish and skinless chicken.

  • Understand the hidden calories

    Always think about hidden calorie in your regular foods like jam, and deep fried items. They may look to provide few calories, but may actually provide more.


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